About Kae

Kae Spiritual Insights

I am a professional member of The International Psychic Association. I have been doing Psychic & Mediumship readings as well as Spiritual Counselling for over 20 years.


My clients seek me out from all over the world & come from a wide range of backgrounds for eg: police, politiciens, doctors, baristers, solicitors, heads of major corporations, students & business owners.

People come to me for different reasons for eg: Past Life Regression, Meditations, Mediumship Readings, Psychic Readings, Meditations & Spiritual Counselling.


Many people participate in my workshops & meditations to learn how to develop their own intuition & Psychic Ability as well as become more in touch with their Spiritual Selves.


I am more than happy to come to you if you are on the Central Coast & I work with people of all ages.


Mediumship Readings

Psychic Readings

Card Readings


Akashic Record Meditations

Relaxation Meditations

Speaking To People Who Have Passed & Our Guides In Meditations


Exploring Religion & Spirituality.

Interpreting Signs & Messages from Spirit.

Psychometry, reading photos & jewlery.