Past Life Regressions

Kae’s Spiritual insights

Past Life Regressions

Kae’s Spiritual insights

Certified Soul Regression Therapist

Past Life Regression Sessions Via Skype


I use hypnosis to relax you then take you back through this lifetime to revisit happy memories.

You are then taken to a turning point in this lifetime or an important day.

I then take you back to the earlies time in your childhood that you can remember.

You are then taken back to your mother’s womb.

From your mother’s womb I take you back to a past life your soul remembers to be of particular importance to this lifetime.

We look at how you passed in your past life, who was with you and what was happening at that particular time.


Soul Regression

Past Life to Between Lives

We re-visit a past life then I can take you to different places to gain more information about your soul.

We can talk to our spirit guides and spiritual helpers.

Soul Regression

Healing Place

We can go to a healing place to receive healing energy and restore our energy from the life we have just lived.


Soul Regression

Spiritual Group & Soul Friends

We can meet with our soul friends and spirit group when you are back in spirit.

Soul Regression

Past Life Review With Our Spirit Guides Or Master Guides

We can speak to our spirit guides or our master guides to look back on our lifetimes to gain information and see what our main learning was.


Soul Regression

Spiritual Masters Meeting

We can meet with our higher spirit guides, master guides and wise beings in the spirit realms to discuss our progress between incarnations.

Soul Regression

Star Souls

We can gain information about our incarnations on other stars, planets, galaxies, realms and dimensions other than earth.

Soul Regression

Akashic Records Or Soul Records

We can visit The AKASHIC LIBRARY or place our spiritual book or records of life are kept.


Soul Regression

Soul Education – Cosmic Classroom – Study Hall

We can visit a place where we study when we are in spirit.